The Muppets

I need to preface this post with the fact that I am unapologetically biased on the topic of the Muppets. I love them. I mean I really love them. In high school I had several nicknames, one of which was the name Muppet. I love them. So I went into the new Muppets movie prepared to love it…and I did. To be fair, there have been a couple of Muppet adventures I didn’t like (The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz is almost unbearable), so I can be objective. But I am predisposed to like the furry little creatures. Muppet movies do something that I think most kids movies fail miserably at. They manage to balance humor that makes both kids and adults laugh.

My favorite Muppet movie is still A Muppet Christmas Carol, but The Muppets (this newest movie) is a close second, with Muppets Take Manhattan in third.

The Muppets shares some common elements with Muppets Take Manhattan. Both movies feature a disbanded Kermit and crew reunited to put on a show to save themselves. In Manhattan, it’s on Broadway. In 2011, it’s a telethon on TV. Both movies are filled with plenty of celebrity cameos. And both movies are great!

Jason Segal and Amy Adams are delightful. Both are a little over the top (Adams especially seems to be channeling her princess days from Enchanted). But, in a movie with Muppets, a little over the top isn’t a bad thing. The movie is funny and sentimental, in all the best ways.

I highly encourage anyone to go see it, and I dare you not to laugh. It’s really good and I think I might have to see it again.

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